Little Remedies® For Tummys™
Gas Relief Drops

Quickly relieves tummy pain from excess gas. Safe remedy to gently ease stomach upset.


  • Relieves excess gas from food or swallowing of air
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No alcohol, saccharin or preservatives

Helpful Hints

  • For easier administration, mix a dose with
    1 oz. of formula or baby’s favorite drink.
  • Be sure to burp baby during and after feeding to reduce air buildup.
  • Colicky symptoms may be aggravated by intolerance to certain foods or the formula you are using. Ask doctor about switching brands or changing diet.
  • Keep baby away from tobacco smoke. The likelihood of “colicky” symptoms increases when there are smokers in the household.
  • Use massage to calm baby: place him face down across your lap and gently rub his back.

About Little Remedies®

Little Remedies® products are made to support the health and well-being of infants and children. We believe "less is more" and formulate our full line of products with the fewest ingredients possible. Little Remedies® products do not contain any artificial flavors, artificial colors or alcohol and are created with the very specific needs of children in mind. Little Remedies® Everything they need. Nothing they don't.™

Use as directed.

I add a few drops to Kimberly’s formula to help with her gas. A little back patting and the gas comes right up.

Kimberly's Mom
Morristown, NJ

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